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A Complete Interactive Yearbook That Raises Money for Your School Programs!
Every student in today's world is digitally savvy. From Playstations to Wii games, from cellphones to IPod's, from online school Blackboards to Facebook, from instant messaging to texting, students are used to living in a digital world.
Students, teachers, parents and friends will love seeing their school year in motion, in color, and on-demand. Everyone can point and click, search for and listen to their friends and teachers.  See them come to life again!

                                                     Sample Forever Yearbooks eYearbook Opening Screen
                                                                                                    Sample Forever Yearbooks eYearbook Opening Screen

Forever Yearbooks International (FYI)  is a no-risk service that creates an interactive yearbook or club book using existing information gathered by your reporters, photographers, videographers and current staff.  Everyone contributes to your year's history by expanding your information to match the demands of today's students.  It not only is immediately profitable, it can be used as a fund-raiser as well. 
The information created by yearbooks is invaluable:  you have the ability to expand your information to full color and unlimited pages, plus generate immediate profits for your organization...unique to the Forever Yearbooks service.

Schools have a no-risk, no commitment, no contracts, no cost solution to bridge the gap between traditional yearbooks and the digital age.

Forever Yearbooks creates an interactive digital file that can be run from your desk-top. Unlike web-based services, FYI can be viewed anytime, whether you are on the web or not.  The big advantage is there is no risk the webiste will close down or be sold, causing your precious  history to be lost or unusable.  Over 30 sites have started and stopped in just the last two years!

FYI's interactive yearbook expands your students' skills in today's interactive media challenges.  It allows them to actively participate in a multi-media production where each student becomes a director of his/her own experience. 

Please click on the information tabs or go to our Contact page to send us an email.  We will answer any questions you may have, or send you a sample yearbook to review.   We can schedule a personal webinar as well to show you all of the features and benefits of adding this service to capture the sights and sounds of your school year.

Thank you!

Forever Yearbooks Staff

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